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MARBELLAPROPERTYHOUSE – 8 Step Guide For a Successful Property Purchase

Schedule your 30 min FREE Zoom Meeting

Our Real Estate Team have successfully invested in Marbella before you. Together we share experience and knowledge. We have good relations with players in the real estate market in Marbella. Our focus areas are Marbella centre, Old Town and Elviria.

Get your finance ready to make a Bargain!

Be positioned to act quickly when the right home appears. You can expect to borrow between 50 and 70 per cent of the home's market value in Spain, in euros, or kroner in Scandinavian countries.

Go on our Digital Tour 

Once you have found your dream home place a bid. As a rule, the bid is placed a bit below the starting price and then negotiations with the seller begin. If of interest, we arrange 1-3 days of viewing tours to Marbella.

Schedule your 30 min FREE call with an Experienced Real Estate lawyer in Marbella. 

The legal representative monitors your interests throughout the transaction. So do the Team from MarbellaPropertyHouse take care of you. 

Register an NIE Number 

The legal representative also helps you sign up for subscriptions for electricity, gas and water, and also good home insurance before you move in.

Hire a Technical Inspector for Renovation Projects.

Homes are sold in their existing condition and it is difficult to get a hearing for shortcomings that are pointed out after the contract has been signed. Your legal representative checks the legal aspects of the home for you.

Pay the Reservation Fee. 

When signing the purchase contract, you pay the down payment, which is usually 10 per cent of the purchase price. On the day of access, you, the broker, the seller and your respective agent/lawyer will meet at the notary. Your legal representative can represent you by proxy if you are not able to attend yourself. You pay the rest of the purchase price, usually 90 per cent, transaction taxes and a notary fee. You get your keys.

Get FREE Access to Valuable Contacts 

Our contacts will be very helpful even after you have moved into your new homes, such as renovating, maintenance, housekeeping and rentals.

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